How to Spice Up Your Content

How to Spice Up Your Content

Content writing could be the easiest thing in the world. Well, that is if you are only looking from a window. But if you are the one who is actually doing the work, then you’ll know how hard it is to create content.

I mean, just like so many things in life, it is not really about being able to do it. Rather, it is about how good you are doing it.

Yeah, sure, we can all write content in a breeze, but it is not a question of whether you can write or not. Rather, it is a question of whether you write content that is interesting for your readers. It is all about results, and if you can’t write content that can bring you the results that you need, then you might as well quit being a content writer.

Let’s face it. Being interesting is hard work. I mean, come on. We can’t even begin to make our family believe that we are interesting. What more if you are tasked to use words to spark another person’s interest, another person you can’t even see, a person that can only see your content from a monitor screen.

Do you know what the real problem is? No, it is not because you are a bad writer. Rather, it is because you don’t know how to spice up your content.

Truth be told, there is no such thing as a perfect writer. No matter how good a writer is, he can also create boring content. It is not how you write your content. Rather, it is about what you do with your content after writing it. You have to find a way to spice it up a bit.

Well, here are some suggestions.

Use it for video text

We all know that majority of people all around the world hates reading. That being said, we can be sure that no matter how good you have written your content, there will always be a big possibility that they are going to ignore it. They are not going to read it.

That is one fact, but let me tell you about another fact. People tend to open videos, even if they do not seem to be interested in it.

You see, when a video shows up in your newsfeed, people are bound to watch it, even though they haven’t read the caption yet. Why? Well, we all know that videos are far more interesting than texts.

Write about something that will require people to read

The rule in online marketing is the same with traditional marketing: make them buy it. But in this case, it is going to be “make them read it”.

Let us say that you a set of phone enthusiast readers, then you should write about the latest trending smartphone. With that, when the content shows up on their feed, they won’t have any choice. They are going to have to read it for sure.

Go visual

We learned through SEO that content has to reach a certain number of words to be considered of good quality, but do you want to know something else?

If you want your readers to stay interested in you, then you have to do them a favor: give them exactly what they need.

You don’t have to make them go through your entire long article. Go ahead, and use infographics so they can get the information they need in a jiffy.

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